NHS Digital Services, the challenge ahead

Cory Doctorow explains it all http://bit.ly/KOx4R8 (video)

NEW: Download Government Digital Services Presentation DevelopingNHSDigitalServices.pdf (slide deck)

The challenge

* technology is changing the world, and our expectations

* corporate IT is lagging behind personal IT

* the NHS can't afford to lag behind

Digital technology as a medium

* the world is becoming more digital and so is health

* the medium used to support, and deliver health, matters

* the medium should be digital but we must do it right

Openness and digital

* being open allows social collaboration and gives a competitive advantage (lower costs, higher quality)

* openness is now standard to the technology industry and some parts of government (Cabinet Office)

* openness in technology fits with the openness found in medical and academic culture (no room for black boxes)

Meeting the challenge

How can we build an environment where world class NHS digital services flourish?

Through leadership that understands technology and is bold enough to modernize digital services delivery by embracing openness (open governance and open source)

your actions


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