How we run inexpensive hack days....









Weekend itself, don't worry, it's cool not to have teamed up in advance, we'll be on hand to facilitate team formation and match people and skills to projects

All the action is at the Hadyn Ellis Building, Cardiff University School of Medicine


Our code of conduct can be found here:


Lessons learned from previous NHS Hack Days:

Can you organize one for my company? also run focussed paid hack days for profit - this means people work on what you want them to but we take a cut for organizing and you pay the developers for their time.

Planning a hackday

* Is there a page on the Wiki with precisely where the venue is, map, directions for driving/public transport, parking arrangements etc?

* Is there a page with accommodation recommendations ?

* Is there a page outlining the schedule ?

* Have you set up a lanyard ?

* Have you ordered/arranged stickers/tshirts/etc ?

* Have you arranged "Prizes"/thought about the format?

* Is there a page anywhere with a list of the judges?

* Have all attendees been pointed at the Judging Criteria ?

* Are there any sponsors yet? Are they on the Sponsorship wiki page?

* Can we make all of the above clear on the front page of the wiki?

* Have we picked venues for social events at the evening times?

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